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Whatever it is, communicate from the depth of your heart, warts and all. Aim for that deep connection.

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Ask Oracle May 28th, I have never believed in astrology since I found ask-oracle. Missing Edwin March 22nd, Anurag September 8th, It is all true for me. Courtney June 20th, Sona January 25th, It actually matches mine to a lots of extent Like 0.

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Nita July 26th, Unusual circumstances are in the frame and there are some peculiar people to deal with as Mercury scrambles into your twelfth house of secrets. You may become involved with information or activities that must be kept confidential, or it may be you are not inclined to share your thoughts or ideas.

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Gathering information about the past or contact with people from your past is also a possibility. Friday could bring a very enjoyable adventure, which could have benefits in the long run. What is really making you happy? Keep it simple on the weekend as far as money goes.

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Sun shifts into your solar 11th house on September 23rd joining Mercury and Venus placed there already. Your calendar is likely to be full with lot of meetings, parties, and exciting business moves. Mars in your solar 10th house suggests that you can gain much by taking some daring decisions in career matters. Yes — there is an element of risk involved in such a move — but taking risks is not something a sportive Sagittarian will shirk from!